Thursday, November 12, 2009

The chick that stares at trees

Tried to get out and move around and was only able to walk for as long as a block before it exceeds the body limits and the pain and spasm resurrects.

Needed to get some food for dinner... and I had to get some vegis from the fruit stand...

The longest block with 5 limping step at a time.

Sitting on the bench, staring at da tree... reminding of them winter's day and nights staring at da tree wondering whether there would be a day when I could walk again.

Would need to get back to my cane again.

However, it is much better than what I had to go through after the MRI scan... I think...

Did a whole lot of swinging thing so far today and would need more there after.

A pill of da Naproxen as well... after dinner so that I don't kill my stomach.

Is it scientifically possible?

Still, I could not help to ask...

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