Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Green Card Lottery

Just submitted my Green Card Lottery entry after double-checking the Calendar...

今日黃曆 今日時辰時局
公歷: 西元2009年11月25日
農曆: 農曆10月(小)09日 星期三 射手座
歲次: 己丑年、生肖屬牛、乙亥月、甲戍日
每日胎神占方: 門雞棲外西南
五行: 山頭火 閉執位
沖: 沖龍(戊辰)煞北
彭祖百忌: 甲不開倉財物耗散 戍不吃犬作怪上床
吉神宜趨: 四相 月德 益後 金匱
宜: 祈福 齋醮 出行 訂盟 納采 入殮 移柩 破土 安葬 立碑 結網
凶神宜忌: 血支 月虛 月煞 五虛 八風
忌: 入宅 作灶

Anyone reading... pray for me.... especially when today is a good day for 祈福...

Like what the fortune teller said... whatever I have in life, I worked for it (including all my inconvenient conditions 8-O lol).

Once in a while, I do like to win something... If I could not win the Mega million, at least, let me win da green card lottery....

For people who are interested, the deadline for application is noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5), Monday, November 30, 2009.

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