Saturday, November 21, 2009


My friend asked me yesterday...

"Wow, all three daughters in your family went into science?! Why did you choose science rather than art?"

I didn't quite remember why other than I am very vain and science seem to be the "Wow science" kind of thing.

The posting earlier today brought me back to my school days...

I have never been good in memorising things but they kept on telling us to memorise those old people's writing and deeds... in Chinese, History and Geography class in junior high school and senior high school so that you can pass the entrance exams to high school and to college.

I still remember the time when they tried to make me memorise what Confucious said and writings of people like Lao Tzu, and 崔瑗. In addition, why on earth would I care about Taoism etc? It was pure suffering and absolutely annoying.... and still the same I feel today. Yet, they made you them memorised... Today, I can recall hardly anything they try to make me memorise..... leaving enough fragments to googlise.... 8-O lol

Maybe that was why... 8-O lol

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