Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 days to June 19th

3 years is neither a long time nor a short time.

It is some time and the duration of time for some significant benchmark in my life.

It took me 3 years to get my junior and senior high school diploma.

I went to Taiwan university for 3 years.  Afterwards, I spent 3, in retrospective, interesting time in Vancouver, BC.

The most haunted 3 years in my life so far... would be the last 3 years minus 2...

I have not looked back for the longest time since, I guess, I always knew that, when the time comes, I will look back.  Before that, let me keep going while trying my best to smell the roses along the way.

Sort of like how the song went... "人說這人生 海海海海路好行 不通回頭望 望著會茫"... You might get too dizzy when looking back...

Today is the day for me to look back after paying St. John the Divine a visit earlier in the afternoon.

Somewhere in the afternoon of June 19th, 2007, I was in a meeting, eating a piece of raisin bran cookie.  The chair collapsed into one piece right underneath me.

The breaking point that set off a journey-- continuing-- into total physical disability and eventually mental disability with pains, struggles and sufferings as the collateral damages.

After I got home that night, my mama was really upset...

"Thank God it was me who took the fall.  Not anyone else at the meeting."

Gotta be Percocet talking... or my sheer ignorance about what is yet to unfold...

In retrospective, if the fall would have taken the same amount of toll on anyone else, I should have let someone else from outside of the college to take the fall so that they can get both worker's compensation and sue someone's behind... which I am not going to name, for negligence.  8-O lol sigh

The before denial state:
Painful expressions:
At the very beginning:
2 Month Anniversary:
"Sit down. Go back to sleep. You. Me. And, Her."
Last posting before Down with Meds is taken down:
The Beginning of Ratology Reloaded blog right before I got myself shipped back into the Cuckoo's nest:

The rest... up to now... such as whatever in this blog... simply the process of recovery... and the associated inconveniences.

In the meanwhile, let me start giving a toast to da really bad hangover...

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