Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letting go

My learning to let go is like playing Mafia War...

When I was under level 400 or 500, I tried really hard to level up and always ponder what it would be like to be at a higher level.

After a certain level, I stop pondering since...

Come on... what is the point since, don't bust your head too hard over it since, as long as you keep on playing, today's level up would always be tomorrow's lower level.  8-O

Some days you even forget to level up because I was busy cooking or training my dog.... or checking out beauty products.  8-O lol

My Mafia War view at level 653... not too high... not really low... sort of somewhere in the middle...

Wonder whether it is the maxima/minima or again local maxima/minima?

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