Thursday, June 17, 2010

Developmental outcome

Years back, this friend of mine had me told... something like...

"You are too much influenced by your mental health condition."

At a much younger and more understanding age, I responded with something along the line... Human development.

Speaking of the power of environmental impact on human development... nature + nurture...

2-3 years later, I have developed low tolerance for BS or what I consider as BS (well, if everyone is entitled to their opinion, I am entitled to be opinionated as well and in exercising my right to judge things as bull or not, I guess).

If it were today, I would have shut him up even before he could voice that opinion with...

"Cut the bull.  I am not gonna entertain that."

Although this might have something to do with the dosage of 25 mg which is essential in keeping me in touch with reality and a sense of self.... 8-X lol

Such is one of the developmental outcome for having lived through the last 3 years.... not like it is any better or any worse... just the way it is.  8-O lol sigh

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