Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Embodied cognition

They speak of embodied cognition.... to a certain degree, you can say that the nature of your head is dependent on your body.

Or, the body gives you your thoughts... in my words.

(Thus... the body = that goddess of da fountain of speech? 8-O)

Let me give you an example or two...

Tried to do some grocery shopping tonight.

As I was moving down Broadway, I had this curious observation again... despite my effort to tell my body to move faster, it moves at its own speed--- completely ignoring the commends my head attempted to issue... pursuits so very futile....

In the form of a question, which I have no answer to... my head asked with an extreme sense of bewilderment,  "Why does my body move so slow?"

After quite a bit of walking, my body was getting tired and started to ache here and there as perceived by my brain...

Upon the completion of my shopping goal, I tried to keep on moving on to get home....

Then, when I was crossing Broadway and after I stepped on the median, my body stopped moving further and this though came to my mind--- voila, time for a complete stop.

I did eventually make it home though moving at a rapid cycling between slow and stop as authorized by my body.

It was then when the thought of embodied cognition occurred.... the thoughts arose surely have been granted by the body and so are them existentially critical dasein moments... 8-O lol

While, what the mind can afford to exert-- limited contribution, if not nil.

(And... lord, this body of mine really is too eloquent in expressing itself... 8-O lol 8-X)

P.S., BTW, all that I did was walking while my mom was the one carrying the groceries.  8-O lol oops..

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