Sunday, June 19, 2011

From lingo

People with different kind of health condition have different lingo...

When chatting with people familiar with back problems, the conversation might be something like...

A: "My back is killing me..."
B: "Lumbar?"
A: "Ya..."
B: "4-5?"
A: "ya..."
B: "What do you take?"
A: "Naproxen."
B: "Hard on the stomach."
A agreed.

Then, after my friend got a broken foot, I decided to look up some online forum-- thinking... perhaps it might be of some help for her to get in contact of people with similar condition.

Came across this online forum for people recovering from their foot surgery... a public journal capturing many people's life after a broken foot since July 25th, 2007...

At the first sight, I saw the different lingo used... the number of screws and the plate...

Then, as I started going through more of the writing, I thought... there is some intriguing similarity in the way people speak of their unspeakable predicament-- be it the foot or back problem.... although some speak of the number of bones broken or ligaments torn while, for others, the counts of their discs and stenoses.

Not to mention... at some point, some of us might starts singing the Diva's lament... or Brian's song...

And... from a comedy-like perspective if possible...

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