Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrex, Tofranil or zoloft?

My orthopaedic doctor prescribed Celebrex for my pain.

My neurologist prescribed Tofranil and he told me to take it if the pain gets too bad.

My psychiatrist kept on telling me to take Zoloft though I did manage to come out of one of the worst major depression in my life so far-- the last few months.
My friend, an anesthesiologist, told me to take antidepressant because, based on his past work with pain, antidepressant at low dosage seems to help alleviating pain-- while, seeing my happy face, he thought I must be loaded with a whole lot of antidepressant.... 8-O lol

In light of all them experts' opinion, so I think...

Having come out of depression without antidepressant, maybe I will get back on antidepressant... for the pain...

Especially since, after these past 3 days of experimentation with Celebrex, I think Celebrex is not very agreeable with that stomach of mine, which has not been in much of, if any, agreement with me for some time-- to the extend that, given the nauseous feeling that simply won't go away,  I am starting to wonder whether I am pregnant---  a manifestation of an immaculate conception, again...  8-O lol

Not to mention... everybody is telling me about the whole thing concerning... them Celebrex and them failing kidneys...

As a result, Tofranil or zoloft?  That's the question?  8-O lol sigh

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