Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not again

It feels like I am getting born everyday.

Anyways, 7:15 AM Taiwan time or 6:15 PM New York time, I was born again... What a asynchronous lifestyle! 8-O lol

Today also is my 2.5 years old birthday into my physically disabled life.  What a synchronous and asynchronous lifestyle! 8-O lol

In addition, today marked the day I see a paycheck deposited into my bank account since my I-20 expired on May 15th because the reinstatement notice finally arrived the day after I heard the sad news about the passing of my dear uncle.  ;-(

I finally can get pay now even though my bosses were kind enough to put up with having me hanging around like them little friends who are driving everyone up the wall in the office these days all these times. 8-O lol

The reinstatement only gives me up to May to finish things up and it gives me more time to finish things up.

The lesson learned... today...

Gratitude makes you happy and brings forth the sunny side of life even when it might feel as if the whole world is coming down... including your ceiling....

It is because, when you have gratitude, it means something good has been done for you... even though sometimes you do want to use your stick to beat people up really good when they get on your other side.... 8-O lol

罪過罪過善栽善栽... 8-O lol

T'is the nature of being human...

Among many things and people I am grateful about this year if not this life so far is that... I thank the opportunity I have been given to continue to "work."  Something tells me that I might have gone back and out of my bird nest if I had sat there everything-less and drowning myself in sentiments of blah blah blah while waiting for the decision on my reinstatement application to arrive, provided God knows what the outcome might be.

I am still psychotic but I am on 150-200 mg Seroquel while still kicking at large and I had never stop living for a moment( (Thank God) ... other than them never-ending waking up moments...

In any case, focus on live a happy life regardless!  A suggestion I could offer to whoever might want a suggestion...

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