Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Give my donation to Japan!

Though the Chinese say that... 家醜不可外揚... yet... 15億只撥4億?  Among the recorded 64 million US dollar donation of Taiwanese people, only 15 million given to Japan by the aka "Taiwan Red Cross Society"? 8-O

Sometimes I want to beat somebody up, this is one of the time...

I refrain from cursing people but this is the time.. I donated the money that I sold my body and health for while not even eligible to get any disability benefit... and these people are withholding the donation for what cause?

So I say...whoever taking a penny for not the intended cause (give to the Japanese) will get 100 times more of what I have to live through in this body if you want to claim a piece of benefit from this broken body.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

I am mad!  (Zen moment... zen moment...)

Whatever Japan wants to do with the money is their issue, give my donation to Japan!

Maybe, I will get a refund from the Taiwan Red Cross and donate the money directly to Japan red cross....

At the same time... do you know where your money really went?  Sad thing this would ever be a concern at all... 8-O

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