Friday, April 1, 2011

From the End of the world to Noah's ark?

Recently, people are busy entertaining the whole end of the world and apocalypse kinda idea. (e.g., May 21st around 6 PM... don't know whether it would be Taipei Time or New York Time? 8-O)

Even better, people here and there are building up stuffs like shelters or Noah's ark so that they could live to see the day after.

Something intriguing for me to entertain... would I want to be one of the few, if not the only, who live to see the big "the day after"?

Don't know about you...

Personally, after having lived through my delusional version of apocalypse while being tired of all them health problems popping up left and right in all different ways...

Even if I were granted a ticket to the Noah's ark, I will give it away and volunteer to be da Joe vs volcano.... since, though it might look nice in the movie, it ain't so grand to be the last one standing as per my delusional experiences.

In addition, if the end of the world is to come, it will come.  As long as not too much pain and suffering, we would simply die... Before that terminal death, I guess... we simply live till when we can live? 8-O lol

What's the fuss?

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