Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I went shrinking on Monday... not my size got magically reduced into that of a skinny toothpick... only I wish... 8-O lol

My bad.  I have not been visiting my shrink as religiously as possible...

As a result, when he saw my chart, so exclaimed the shrink, "How on earth did you make it for almost 3 months with a prescription for 1 month?"

"Well... I am still on the 25/4 mg dosage and always something happening whenever I tried to come see you."

Of course, in addition to the routine check-up, I had an alternative agenda...

You see, this psychiatrist of mine is a seasoned psychiatrist from one of the "biggest" mental health institution in Taipei and must have supervised thousands of budding psychiatrists as well as seeing quite a few of my fellows in the psychiatric wards.

So I told him about my entire yawning career... since 2-3 years ago... in hopefully, less than 10 sentences...

In powerpoint format:
1. When I do the back paddling machine, my eyes water, nose running and I yawn like hell.
2. It started 2-3 years ago when, out of no where, this whole thing would come up.
3. I asked the neurologist and he wasn't quite sure what that might be though he didn't think I had brain damages.

So I asked this psychiatrist, the same question I might have asked my psychiatrist back in New York...

Why is it and has it been happening?

"Is it true that psychotics rarely yawn?"  So I asked.

He nodded.

"Unless there is brain damages?"  So I added.

Thoughtfully, he, again nodded.

"Then, why does it happen to me so very frequent?"

"Well, this is a really rare case."  So he replied before printing out Seroqeul as my prescription.

I knew other patients were waiting to get in but I simply had to ask this last question...

"So what kind of doctor would you recommend?"

He replied, "A neurologist."

Well, the only thing I can say is that... damn... why on earth does someone have be abnormal to such a degree?  Abnormal in the reign of abnormalites? 8-O lol sigh

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