Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fish on the cutting board

I spoke many times about the "fish on the cutting board" phenomena which often happen when I try to fall asleep (though it does happened as well during the day time).

Essentially, my body would twitch or jerk around...

Sometimes, a part of the body would get thrown out of the bed and fall... be it the upper, mid, lower back, the neck or the limps.

Other times, a part of my body would be twitching to one side while the remaining would move to the opposite side (e.g, upper body to the left and lower body to the right).

Still other times, both sides of my body including limps would jump up-- nicely divided by my spine-- with the neck jumping up, too, at points.

Or, one side of the body might decide to go up while the other one down...

In some other scenarios, a combination of what was mentioned above...

... a translation of the "Fish on the cutting board" phenomena with limited my words.

I had always known that it has something to do with my nerves... even before my injuries.

In my pre-spinal injuries era, this would happen when the dosage of Seroquel got increased or became too much for my body to handle (and, Seroquel works on the "neuro-transmitters and is taken at bed time).

After my injuries, when the nerve pains are bad, the twitching, jerking and jumping also go wild.

A lot of times, I can feel the firecrackers along my spine as my body goes twitching and twisting around.

Nowadays, when I get upset, there is no doubt I would see the worsening of da twisting around all night long ...

I don't know how anyone could sleep this way when the body does acrobatic exercise at its own will.

All that I could do is to keep on trying to fall asleep while getting really annoyed by such minor inconveniences in life.

I tried to describe it to many people in various occasions but most of them seemed to have no inkling about what I was speaking of.

Then, earlier today, I spoke with this lady friend of mine with MS and she told me how she also had similar problems.

It was nothing to be happy about--- yet, it gave me an interesting sense of relief that... "Man... I am not the only flying fish on the cutting board."

So, after I got home, I decided to look up some discussion forums where people might share with earch others experiences alike...

And... so I found... flying fish fellowship...

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