Thursday, August 4, 2011

The psychosomatic ouch moment

As I was browsing through some older files tonight and came across these pictures I took back in 2005....

I don't quite remember what it was like then although my old blog might give me some clues about it.

One thing I do remember, I used to carry the camera and my precious baby laptop, who used to be a fledgling chick and now a retired old hen-- going all around--- including up and down the park.

So I saw them old picture I took...

Damals-- the hills, slopes and stairs I climbed up and down...

Something felt strangely awful around the area of my chest and stomach... sort of like the kind of sensation you would get when the nerve pain is still bad but the pain killers told your brain to stop perceiving the signals as pain.

I went... "Ouch.  Oops... psychosomatic."  (unless... somapsychotic) 8-O 8-X lol sigh

I have been told that people have the propensity to talk about "damals-- I did this and that..."

So I thought... no no no... mes not yet ready to be old! 8-O 8-X lol

(P.S.  What is psychosomatization other than the label itself?  Some thoughts I would like to share with you soon based on my extensive clinical experiences-- though thoughts still under construction because the Goddess of da fountain of speech might be out on vacation.)

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