Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unterwegs zur Ground Zero

I had an appointment with this nice gentleman because I am interested in getting some inputs on how to come up with a book using part of the verbal diarrhea I have generated through out the years- I don't know where and how to start but I guess I just have to start from somewhere.

The first time I tried to get out, I stopped by the bank first in the pouring rain, and, I was struck by this spasm attack on my right side with that nerve pain shooting down-- ouch.

The pain and discomfort was so bad that I think they might have scared the psychotic symptoms all away...

I froze there with the upper torso slightly leaning forward... unable to move, in pain and could hardly talk.... forget about calling for help...

With the limited amount of extra cognitive capacity I was granted access to, I thought to myself, "What a strange posture to be stuck with...."

The lady and gentleman next to me realized that something seemed to be wrong.

They tried to help me but I couldn't quite think of anything they can help me with other than troubling them to take the backpack off my back and, later, bring the backpack up to the counter.

They both were very concerned.  I told them that I will be fine.

So shared the fine lady at some point, "I was once hit by a spasm and was on the floor for 5-6 hours." (Although pain has the propensity to take over almost all cognitive capacity, the cognitive capacity I had access to might have generated this response in my head... "ouch."  Spoken or not, I can not recall.")

When the pain and spasm was more manageable, I went on minding my own business doing the banking thing, got myself a cup of my morning coffee and sat down to rest my body a bit.

It was then when I realized that the right side of my face seemed to feel strange... sort of like the mouth on the right side was dropping down.

This sounds familiar... 8-O

Didn't I wake up one day with the left side half paralyzed because of really bad spasm?

So, I eventually got myself home, took a pill of cerebrex, rubbed some vitamin E oil on my back and did an hour or so of my swinging exercise.

I tried for the second time to get out since I had gone from the bent-out-of-shape kind of state into the more mobile state.

Despite of the minor detour I had to travel earlier on, I hopped on to the bus, transferred to an express train at 96th street where there are elevators, and, after a painful journey on the train ride, I found myself getting out of the elevator of the Chamber street station.

After the meeting, I decided to go down to visit ground zero and took the West Street.

I knew it was some where near by but all that I saw were overpasses and the big road.

So I asked these police at the corner, "Excuse me, where is ground zero?"

One of them pointed at the direction I was heading to.

As I kept walking on, I saw a tall building under construction, next a huge sigh in the front saying the sidewalk was closed and there were barricades blocking the path ahead.

So I walked through the barricades towards the police woman near by.

"Excuse me.  Where is ground zero?"

She gave me this strange look, "This is ground zero."

I must have shown the expression of confusion in my face as I continued to mumble something that I no longer recall... because this was not how I got to ground zero and maybe what I saw before.

At some point, she might have asked me how I got there before...

"Century 21." So I replied.

"That's Church street."

I had the feeling that she sort of laughed when she answered me after listening to my response.

I turned around and found my way to Church Street and saw the site which is under construction as before.... and which I have shown many a tourist in NYC many a time before.... except for... today I asked for direction towards Ground Zero on Ground Zero. 8-O lol

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