Monday, August 29, 2011

Ratology: principle and evaluation outcome

When looking back at the road I have traversed so far by going through postings I typed out since 2005, I have come up with two conclusions...

In my public blogs, I have strictly (99% of the time) adhere to Ratology principle 101 that I speak only of myself because I do not want to bring others down into the murky water of my imaginary world.  This is why one hardly sees the presence of others in my blog.

I did the job of hiding the other parties' presence so well that I have problems understanding what I was talking about years later-- like now. 8-O lol

Most important, one thing I have to say is that the flooding technique (e.g., the broadcasting of my own thoughts via my blog) doesn't seem to work since I am still psychotic after over 6 years.

As a result, personally, I will recommend against my own strategy for people with the propensity for paranoia simply due to the amount of workload one has to handle and process.

Yet, private journaling, like what the mental health professionals recommend, might be a good practice.  If you want to help by sharing your experiences and documentations, you can always find people in the field of psychology or psychiatry and see whether they would be interested in entertaining what you have to offer- for no other reason than simply making it easier for yourself.

P.S. Have I learned a thing or two?  Yes.  But, the natural process of human development or aging might be a confounding variable whose effects I have no means of partiality out especially with n=1.

(This 3-sentence conclusion of Ratology now really reminds me of that good old mostly statistically insignificant dissertation of mine.  8-O lol)

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