Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene is coming

Irene is coming

Everybody is talking about Irene...

The Rite aid next door even ran out of batteries and water.

Walking down the street, everyone is stocking up supplies of various kinds...

I figured... Wow... it seems like everyone is panicking... maybe I should be panicking as well.

So I tried to do some shopping in the supermarkets but lines were too long. I went to the street vendor instead to buy me some fruit.

Although I know the grading of typhoon pretty well since we have typhoons all the times in Taiwan, I don't really know much about hurricanes. As result, I tried to understand how strong Irene really is by finding out the equivalence of Taiwanese Typhoon category and the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale.

Western Category Miles per Hour /
Kilometer per Hour
Taiwan Category

74 - 95 /
119 - 153
Medium-strength Typhoon (中度颱風)
2 96 - 110/
155 - 177
Medium-strength Typhoon (中度颱風)
3 111 - 130 /
179 - 209
Medium-strength Typhoon (中度颱風) , up to 50.9 mps (approximately 183.24 kph)

Strong Typhoon (強烈颱風) , from 51 mps (Approximately 183.24 kph)
4 131 - 155 /
211 - 249
Strong Typhoon (強烈颱風)
5 155 + /
250 +
Strong Typhoon (強烈颱風) up to 66.9 mps (Approximately 240.84 kph)
+ Super Strong Typhoon (超級強烈颱風)

Now I have a better idea how strong Irene might be....

Yet, I guess... like a typhoon, sometimes the scariest damages are caused by the water the storm brings forth rather than the wind it itself... not to mention... this Irene does look huge. 8-O

Hurricane Irene
At the same time, in the Pacific east, super typhoon Nanmadol has caused havoc in the Philippines.

Looking at these pictures, I have to say... isn't nature sort of scary...

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