Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The side effect of biofeedback?

Years back, I read somewhere where experts said that biofeedback is useful for patients with pain-related problem like mine.  Yet, one plausible side effect of biofeedback is that some people eventually start to become apathetic about common pursuits in life (in my words shall I recall it correctly.)

I didn't have the money to receive the conventional biofeedback intervention.  Yet, so I figure... the Qi kind of exercise might be sort of like the biofeedback treatments.

Interesting enough, I found the ordinary pursuits in life to gradually lose their attractiveness through out the years.

Then, recently, I thought of what they suggested as the plausible side effect of biofeedback and I came up with a theory about how the plausible side effect might have come into being.

Perhaps, it's simply that once you go overboard with all signals orchestrating a symphony of never-ending pains, discomfort and suffering in your entire being, you reach the "unsinn" state where all will be deemed unsinn shall the body and mind keep on suffering.

Can't quite tell you whether one might get to the un-unsinn state or not when the pains and suffering are gone--- can't tell you until I get there.... 8-O lol sigh

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