Saturday, March 19, 2011

"赤い夕陽の故郷" for Japanese

The Fight and Smile Japan Earthquake Relief Concert, a two-day event, raised almost 9 hundred million Taiwanese dollars.

Because I am disabled at home without income, all that I could do is to donate some pennies that I got from selling off my body (worker's com check) via my JCB credit card.  Though not much, hope will help and the money really go where it is supposed to go.

Hope everyone has done similar, too... though beware of scams as well.... this is why I went through red cross eventually.  It is very sad that such should be a concern and no good karma, no good karma... scammers...

In the Concert, Taiwanese singer 江蕙 sang "黃昏的故鄉"... the Taiwanese version of the Japanese song "赤い夕陽の故郷."

A song for Japan..

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