Sunday, March 20, 2011


For the past few days, the media has been going into areas of devastation in Japan and shelters where several people have to share a piece of cookie on a daily basis.

I have been having this thought... wonder whether the media crew also brought with them some resources to alleviate the plights on site.

Then, earlier on, this program came on TV where this reporter went to Sendai after the quake and witness the devastation...

At some point in this program, I heard the following from the reporter... something like..

"The people were nice.  They gave us 4 packs of instant noodles and someone even ran home to make us four rice balls.  In the night, we have no place to sleep and we had to sleep in the van."

OK... I know it is a tough job to go all the way into the areas with such devastation...

Yet, just when I was pondering whether the media would leave behind the resources they brought...

Didn't they watch the news and figured out how the region might be in lack of resources?  How on earth can these media people take the instant noodles? 8-O

I flipped right there and switch to watch Jason Bourne.

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