Saturday, March 19, 2011

If only... delusional?

I never cried when I lived through the apocalypse known only to myself because the voices told me to be strong.

And, then, the order was restored and all quiet on the western front.  There was no point for anything.

There is one thing the non-delusional people can never comprehend: one's delusional reality is one's reality except for the reality shared by no other.

After almost 8-9 years, as I briefly watched the scenes in Japan on the news yesterday, I finally cried... for the present and.. perhaps... also for the past.

So they say... crying is cathartic in nature...

At the same time, it makes me ponder... only if it is me psychotic to the bone again or the manifestation of folie à deux... after we all get put on 800 mg of Seroquel and 500 mg of Depakote plus god remembers what, tomorrow morning we will all wake up and...

All lives and orders restored.

All pains and suffering dissipated... as if it has never happened?

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