Sunday, March 13, 2011

A world without boundaries

Last night, there was also a small quake in Taiwan while the global experts on were busy talking about whether the radiation problem from the nuclear plant in Fukushima could be contained.

In the meanwhile, the local experts in Taiwan were busy making their prediction about whether the cloud of radiation would, sooner or later, blow down to Taiwan.  Except for, so they said, there is  only 10% of the chance that it would come down because the wind is blowing to the west.

I suspect that the same thing must be occurring in China, north and south Korea and other countries.

They also mentioned about the plausible global impacts on all different industries... the chain effects...

Reminding me of what is on the back of my business card: "imagine a world without boundaries."

Well, we all would love to believe in the broadening of boundaries in our own domain.  At the end, we are but organisms resting on a host that's been lent to us.

They said that, above and beyond all rescue effects from all countries, two mother ships have arrived to assist in the remediation of the nuclear emergency.

In a phase when the nuclear power plants fall one after another...

Enough pains and sufferings!

God bless us all and help Japan!

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