Monday, March 14, 2011

Priority seating

I run away from crowd... though I could barely do the walk thing... let along running.... it's been years since I could run last... forgetting it now exactly what it felt to run.

I also try to avoid taking all sorts of vehicles, especially nowadays because even the vibrations of the engine makes my entire torso hurts and in discomfort.... although people said it shouldn't happen...

Then, even with the knee one can think of it (a Taiwanese expression)... my knees are giving up as well nowadays as a result of overcompensation... owing it to my back problems.

This adds even more complications to moving.  Since the different kinds of pains are in all different geographical locations, it is making it really difficult to decide which side to place the cane at... Sometimes I wonder whether I should switch to a walker except for... well... believe me, it ain't so easy to maneuver a walker either and it might be a bit too heavy for me...

In any case, I thought of Joe Versus the Volcano and decided to go back to the dip myself into the hot spring water of Beitou.

The trip over there was OK, although I had to find my way through all the scary people on a mission going somewhere to get to the trains, I did get seats in 2 out of 3 of the segments.

The trip home was more tiring than expected... my knees were not happy... shooting bad... though I could still move...

The trip between Beitou and the Taipei train station was a pretty long one and it was crowded... all seats were taken including priority seats.

Since I could still be on my two feet, I was not really in the mood of coming up to people and say...

"Hey, you, young guns, can you give away the seats to my mother the elderly and me the handicapped with a cane?"

8-O lol

At some point, two people got off the priority seats nearby.

I tried to get to the seat but my movements are, by default, too slow.

This seemingly healthy looking young man came rushing towards the seats... let someone like his mother take one and, after staring into my eyes, sat down on the other.

My mom was mad about what happened and I was too exhausted and in pain to be fussing about it.

The only comment I had was... "This is a manifestation of the lack of civil education."

To be honest, I fancy not priority seating since I can't wait to give it away fast enough.... 

As a matter of the fact, if one should be so entitled to priority seating, claim your priority seating to your heart's content because there's gotta be a reason?!

你那麼喜歡坐殘障座位... 那你就坐個夠吧!


Zen moment... zen moment...  8-O lol 8-X

Too awful a thought?  Come on... ain't like the object of my discussion is so civil anyways... 8-O lol

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