Thursday, April 30, 2009

The heart has its reason.... 8-O

Last night, after I went to bed, I experienced again them poundings of the heart, which is extremely annoying.

Surely, while there might be really change in the heartbeat rate, the lack of other stimuli present when trying to fall asleep might make it especially easy for me to have heightened sensitivity towards perceptions concerning my bodily function. In addition, due to the more frequent occurrences of such experiences, it is plausible for me to start behaving like Pavlov's dog to whom the ring of the bell could actually result in the increase of secretion of saliva... 8-O lol

Yet, tachycardia or rapid heart rate is one of the documented side effect of Seroquel and I have been experiencing them on and off through out the years... In addition, although rarely do I take Clonazepam, I have also experienced pounding heartbeat after taking this medication...

In other words, to be honest, there is no telling, you see, whether them pounding heartbeat at crazy rates is simply due to the side effect of the meds or the psychosomatization of heightened anxiety level.

One insight I gained as I was feeling them heartbeats pounding up a storm last night is that...

Whatever the causes might be, I gotta find a way to help myself engage in biofeedback kinda exercise....

Such as.... staring at a goose fixing its feather or another one dosing off under the summer heat by the pond... (wow, never occurred to me that geese could dose off, too... 8-O lol)

By the way, it was very funny when, at times, while me staring at the goose and the goose stared at me. Is it me staring at the goose or the goose staring at me? Pretty zen... isn't it? 8-O lol

And, I think, the goose must be thinking to itself... "What on earth is this strange thing doing staring at me?" lol

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