Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scheiße or Kaka?

When I was hanging out with my friends the other nights, the mama of my friend told me a story about grandma, a proper and classic lady who never uses profanity and things alike...

One day, either on the beach or by the park, Grandma was reading her nice little book. All of a sudden, grandma looked up and asked, with all due sincerity, this question:

"Welche klingt besser? Scheiße or Kaka?"

Or, in plain English:

"Which one sounds better? Shit or pooh-pooh?"

This story gave us all a good laugh.... and a good laugh...

Part of the reason why I find it so funny might have something to do with the fact that.... although not all of us might be as proper as Grandma who uses profanity not, in some way, we all make judgments about whether it is more appropriate to say "Scheiße" or "Kaka"... Consequentially, those of us who decided to go along with the word "Kaka" would see wrong in those saying "Scheiße" and vice versa while the two are actually and literally two of a kind…. 8-O lol

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