Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scheiße or Kaka? on Personality

In the clip below, Karyn Buxman spoke of 3 types of persionality, people with Type A, Type B and Type E personality. In this version of personality typology, people with Type A personality dies for their intrinsic need for structure. People with type B personality could live happily and forever due to their laissez-faire attitude towards life. Those with type C personality, on the other hand, are people who eventually become passive aggressiveness due to chronic stress?

As was indicated in the above video, people are people and intrinsic to each of us is our personality, which is often operationalized as our peculiar modus operandi.

When Type A people are being Type A people, Type B as Type B, and, Type E as Type ---- up to Type n as Type n, people are who they are. However, when conflicts arise and if we listen closely to what exactly was coming out from our mouths, we might be surprised to find that, very so often, what we see as so very wrong in the others are simply the way people are--- except for they are different from us….

So far as I am concerned, to say whether one type of personality is better over the other, it is equivalent to Grandma’s questions….

"Welche klingt besser? Scheiße or Kaka?"
8-O lol

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