Sunday, April 26, 2009


I used to be, and, perhaps still am, a gigantic integration freak...

For instance, with my dissertation, I was trying really hard to integrate all that I have learned through out all these years... psychology, methodology, statistics, technology, ratology 8-O etc... although nobody ever told me that a dissertation has to be a work to integrate my entire life so far... (and it was and is all in my head... 8-O lol)

To this date, I still believe that I had not reached a state of integration through the work I did with my dissertation.

In any case, after one of them recent nights of sleeplessness with the following experiences:
  1. I was having physical symptoms with them dry mouth etc.
  2. I was sensing elevated level of anxiety and so on which could be classified as anxiety or panic attacks.
  3. Worst of all, one night, I actually had this feeling that them memories of scary delusional stories were lurking around and were about to come out to play. Again, although those are the memories of the past, the dasein moments remained to be dasein moments.
And, I came up with this interesting thought...

That seems to be some fairly integrated kind of experience....

So they say.... Body and Mind? 8-O lol

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