Wednesday, December 22, 2010

centos5 8-O

As I was checking the Stats of this blog, I found this strange referring URL...


What is Centos and I seemed to have heard it before... (guess, I was thinking the cousin of this Ubuntu I am using today... CentOS... which I seemed to have tried out earlier this year...)

I clicked through the link and ended at this log-in screen...

So I clicked through the link to go to its home...

Interesting... someone might have accessed my blog through a location where secured login is required?

Then, I decided to go directly to

Alas... the clicking of da link redirected me to the Cyber Crime section of the United States Department of Justice.


That does get me paranoid... even more... 8-O 8-X

Might have to do with some of the pictures I got from the Internet, I guess?

Otherwise... I love the United States of America... I love the United States of America... repeat n^n times n~infinity.... 8-O lol

If not... I spread the message of love... like da gentleman for years walking up and down Broadway... "I love you! I love you!"

(Regardless how many times I updated this post and the contents themselves.... the question I have at this point is...

How does one come up with all the above mumble jumbles... from a simple meaningless URL... other than it is close to full moon? 8-O  Intriguing...)

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