Thursday, December 23, 2010

computer work

Just finished a few hours of typing.... a lot of words... (and, thank God, in English.)

Then I thought of the conversation I overheard earlier today.

These two ladies were talking about how they got their occupational injuries through too much computer work.

One commented something like... "It is not like you don't need to use computer when you don't work. "

Good point...

Then, what the hack am I doing with all them hours of computer work? Making me no money and adding risks for occupational hazard?! 8-O lol

I am happy though that I typed a few pages today... regardless the worth of the contents...

You see... it makes you happy to do what you are good at. 

For me... I know I am good at typing... in English and how I have suffered when trying to learn to type in Chinese. 8-O lol

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