Monday, December 20, 2010


When I woke up this morning, I was one more year older.... 8-O ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Happy birthday!

Anyways, as a instructional technologist learning to type, I pondered to myself...

"What kind of expertise could I plausibly have?"

At some point, I could still claim myself to be an expert of my own dissertation.

Yet, come on, babe... The last time I touched my own dissertation is... what? 5 years ago? 8-O lol

I could BS about me being an expert of my own aches and pains and blah blah blah...

Yet, be real, today I have absolutely no clue at all about no nothing.

A strange state, though, to come face to face with my don't-know-no-jack existence.

Isn't it sad?

Well, to be honest, yes.

All these years of education and blah blah blah plus blah blah blah.... leading me to a path heading towards don't know nothing? 8-O

Wow... if there is God... it's gotta be some really profound message my God is trying to convey to me except of yours truly is simply too dumb to get to da thing called comprehension... 8-O lol

Then, after my birthday cake, I had this genius idea...

Wow... I am an expert in nothing... so they say... better than nothing... Gott Sei Dank... there is nothing... 8-O lol

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