Friday, December 24, 2010

Zu hause sein

Just came back from my mission to get a debit card from a local bank in Taiwan here for the second time though still was unable to get the application completed when I walked out of the door.

Was ist den loss?

When I went yesterday, I didn't have the stamp with me.  Apparently, in Taiwan, the signature is not enough.  You also need the stamp.

I said, "fine."

I walked back for the second round today and all documentations ready.

At some part during the paper-working process, the fine lady asked me for my cellphone.

"I don't have a cellphone."

"But I need your cellphone number in order to get the application completed."  So replied the fine lady.

You see, I can experiment with all different kinds of computing technologies but one thing I kept resisting is getting a cellphone...

I don't know why and I have no intention to waste my energy entertaining the reason why.

Then, I wanted to apply for a credit card.

I should have applied for one when I was still working but I was working 7 to 5-6  everyday till the boat sank... Didn't even have enough time to sleep... forget about credit card.

The unfortunate fact is that... I have money... but in the US still... not to mention the value of Taiwanese currency simply would not stop rising.  Thus, it is not such a great time for me to be doing currency exchange.

So I informed them, "My money is in my bank in the US."

I printed out a copy of my citibank monthly statement.

The lady at this local bank took the printouts and said that she would try to submit it as the supplementary documentation for my credit card application.

Across the street was Citibank.

The Citibank in Taiwan is not networked with Citibank in the US.  The matter of the fact is that, if I want to withdraw money, I would have to go to a specific branch at a different location.

I went to the bank yesterday and spoke with another young gentleman about my situation.

The gentleman gave me some suggestions on how it might be plausible to apply for a credit card... including... bringing my existing credit cards and a copy of my bank statement.

It was a different guy who spoke with me today.

He asked me for my 銀行存摺, which is passport size of booklet documenting all of your bank transactions.  Looking like the following...

"They don't have 銀行存摺 in the US."  At least not where I came from.

I showed him the printout of my citibank statement.

"But it doesn't have the stamp of the local branch."

To be honest, I have no recollection whether the official statement of the citibank branches uses a stamp or not...

"But this is a monthly statement and now everybody is going e-statement."

I also showed him my citibank debit card, my Chase visa card and my discover card.  Some of the cards I brought back from the US.

That gentleman in Citibank got a stern look on his face, "I can send the application in but I don't know whether it would work."

I knew he was doing his job and I was done with the re-entry experience thing for the day.

"Then, that is fine."

I walked out of the door.

I have been through quite a few of strange things in life but this gotta be accounted as the most buzzard one.

For all these years, I have opened and closed bank accounts;  I have gotten debit cards and credit cards without a hassle.  I had so many credit cards that I eventually started to cancel them out one by one.

Except for.. da mals I was in the US and I had and still have the top ranking credit score.

But the US said that I do not belong to the US and I have to come back home to Taiwan.

Eventually, now I am supposed to be zu hause sein... except for...

No credit...

No debit card...

Difficulties applying for credit card...

This realization struck me...

Wow... this is what it really mean... a lost soul in limbo! 8-O lol

I was feeling very jaded like any other normal people would do.

I got home, turned on the computer and started doing typing... which makes me feel... zu hause sein.

There is something interesting about writing... or let the words that want to come out coming out in its own will.

Reminding me again of da fountain of speech de da goddess of speech des Nietzsche.

At some point, I thought of that shabby room of mine...

I am home.  The home that I grew up in.

Yet, God, how I miss home and my other families...

Zu hause sein...

At the same time, nothing special I guess... just the reenactment of some commonplace reentry experiences?

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