Saturday, December 25, 2010

When are you going back to the US?

One question everyone kept on asking me.

My answer, "I don't know."

My bosses did try their best to bring me back but somehow got blocked at HR.

I do have to clean up my room in New York in the next month or two.

The only question I have now is... would they give me problem applying for a visa to get back to the US especially when now I am "self-employed", a writer? Curious... Curious... 8-O lol

Then I thought... wow... so many worries in life.  The amazing creativity granted to the human mind... finding worries for oneself. 8-O lol

At the same time, it wouldn't have even been an issue if Taiwan is already part of the VIsa Waiver Program (VWP).... Ain't like I have any intention to stay illegally or conduct any illegal activities... otherwise, it would have happened, I guess... Duh... though... no criminal intents... no criminal intents here under the guidance of God... 8-X 8-O lol

One place as close to the US as as I could go now, though,  is Quam... nice...

And... in the background, my mama kept on talking about how they were proposing to make Taiwan a part on the US years back... in addition to the fact that some people in the government no is all interested in China while they themselves might the US green card... such as the president himself.... Interesting.... 8-O lol

In the meanwhile, let me get back to write.

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