Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who Am I?

Before I left New York this summer, I came across this question many a time.... sometimes it was a question directed towards the others while, other times, a question people asked me.

"Who are you?"

When I was teaching my first class to this group of students (at that job that didn't last too long and after which I ended in the hospital), I asked them to spend some time writing down an introduction about themselves.

Essentially... who are you?

So I decided to ask myself this same question today...

Who am I?

Following is all that I can think of and what my self-concept allows me to type in about who I am....

Interesting... taking the naming out... my name, ratprincess and a lost soul in limbo, 3 things define "mes"?

Think we all should do this exercise sometimes... maybe?

Knowing I have this bad habit of thinking a bit not the same from the others, I decided to rethink who I am from a more conventional kinda approach... based on my estimation of how other people think...

One thing I have to say about this picture is... wow conventional views in my imagination is too complicated. 8-O lol

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