Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Over a year too late 8-O

Just had an insight....

What I missed back in 2007 when trying to sponsor myself for a green card was this thing called being cited...

Finally got cited?  Over a-year too late.... 8-O lol

Isn't life interesting? 8-O

If only the time-frame for the diligent academics could be shorten from years to months... an opinion from a non-academic layperson.

Anyways,  da evaluator of my green card application gotta be a psychic and had it absolutely right... The way I am today... forget about the national interest of the United States... I am still trying to figure out how this piece of really beaten down kinda old truck is of any interest to myself... would take some really extraordinary ability to get it accomplished especially when I am a troubleshooter in beruf...  8-O lol

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