Friday, May 29, 2009

滄海一聲笑: English Translation

I found in the above clip the official English translation for the theme song 滄海一聲笑 for the movie The Swordsman or 笑傲江湖...

Unfortunately, some part of the original texts seemed to have been lost in traslations... for the Chinese and English versions don't seem quite match.... 8-O

滄海一聲笑 滔滔兩岸潮
The seas laugh, lashing on both coasts

Carried in the waves, we have only now

蒼天笑 紛紛世上潮
The heavens laugh, at the troubled world

Who is to win and lose, Only they know

江山笑 煙雨遙
The mountains laugh, the (fog and ?) rain is afar

When the waves grow old, the world still goes on

清風笑 竟惹寂寥
The wind sniggers, lost in quite solitude

Bygone camaradie bequeaths a tinge of melancholy

蒼生笑 不再寂寥
Sniggering at my wasted life, (no longer?) afloat in the sea of loneliness

豪情仍在痴痴笑笑 啦......
I only have my cynicism to redeem my sanity (?) La la la la la…

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