Monday, August 3, 2009

cognitive constipation

Although the dosage of Seroquel has gone down by 50 mg since last week again, I have been finding myself to become more and more drugged out.

As of last week, my comprehension was still intact and I was still able to work on the academic kinda writing... at least the art of summarization.

These past few days, though, I am finding my head to turn slower and slower... so slow that it feels as some part of my head is not moving at all.

So, today, during the day time, I tried again to work on this homework assignment involving the analysis of school policies based on case laws.

At some point, I came to realise that... forget about writing.... even when simply reading a sentence, by the time I get to the end of a sentence, I have already forgotten the beginning...

In other words, it feels as if although my ability to attend is still intact, there is something wrong with the central executive... where information is held and processed.

I also found myself staring at sentences at times... The words were perceived as words themselves. I tried hard to "comprehend"; yet, it feels like there is concrete inside of my head... The head is tight and I simply can't mobilise it.

This is why I decided to call my shrink and requested to have the dosage go down another 50 mg.

It is not as if I am all for dosage reduction without any reservation.

I am actually afraid of dosage adjustments due to the plausible increase in psychotic symptoms.

Unfortunately, I can not lead a life like a walking zombie.

This is why... after I spoke with my shrink today, we decided to go down by another 50 mg on Seroquel.

Hopefully, soon the thoughts could start to stall less and eventually to flow.

About time for my meds... now is the time, the best, the thoughts "flow".

It is ok if you don't understand. I don't either.

So it is... the manifestation of cognitive constipation.

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