Monday, March 16, 2009

Which are delusions?

So how do I know that my delusions are delusions?


However all them experts might have the concept defined... delusions, for me, are simply beliefs without concrete evidence to back them up...

At the same time, delusions are the beliefs I have no control over... despite the presence of insurmountable evidence to prove such beliefs wrong, I simply can't change this belief and this possibly have something to do with some internal biases.... (doesn't it sound like many of our everyday beliefs... and it might be sort of like how, in the movie Fail Safe, Jack felt when he heard his wife said there was no war while he was about to drop the bomb in Moscow.... The belief... The disbelief... The choices... The confusions... at 8:30 in the following clip... 8-O)

The most classic scenario for me personally, though, is that....

I have this unfounded belief that someone could read my mind. So, I ask the person whether he or she could read my mind. The person would then responded that he or she could not read my mind.

The interpretation of such a reply? The person is telling lies and he or she could read my mind although I don't know why they wouldn't tell me the "truth" or due to some conspiracy theory.... in addition to I have no idea why anyone would give a rat's ass about what is in my mind... 8-O lol

Another funny delusion I have nowadays is that... people somehow have access to my private blog---

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