Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From THE question

So, when I started going to see my psychiatrist now, I told him that I have a blog... and gave him the link...

Then, one day, he told me that it is interesting... and asked me THE question....

"Have you ever gotten any comment?"

Good question...

From Jan. 2005 to today, 4 years later, I have gotten only 3 comments for my verbal diarrhea... with one of them sort of like a spamming message.... 8-O lol

This, of course, led me to wonder... how do other bloggers lead people to make comments on their blog? Or, how could I lead people to my blog and leave comments? Are the contents so boring or the English so bad that no one ever reads it?

What about it... some buy one get a few free kinda incentive.... leave one comment and get one Ratprincess and other mes for free? (The benefit of having a diagnosis starting with schizo...) 8-O lol

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