Friday, June 12, 2009

Lorenzo's Oil

Quotes from a part of the movie "Lorenzo's Oil"...

“Let’s have a show of the hands..”

“No. No. That would be misleading. Now the medical folks call this kind of evidence anecdotal.”

“What is wrong with the show of the hands?”

“It wouldn’t have any meaning…”

“May I say something? The only way the doctors could get useful results is with strict protocol and and statistical sample in the control group “

“And proper timeframe… Doctors have to be very careful… clinical trials must withstand a tremendous amount of scrutiny.”

“This is the way the medical science works… This is the only way scientist could get the useful information that they need.”

Interesting how the context of the discussion would lead us into different interpretations... so speaks the theories about script and the priming effects...

The following is the playlist for the whole movie...

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