Friday, June 5, 2009

My fine eggs

During a conversation with someone yesterday, I spoke of how it would be nice to get married and make some babies since my perfectly fine eggs are getting old with me...

"You know you could adopt..." So he replied.

"But I want to have some kids of mine." So I replied.

"How vain!" So he responded...

And, I went... 8-O lol

First time encounter an interesting perspective as such... I gotta say.... 8-O lol

My response?

"I just wanna make a few little me running around... that would be so nice..." 8-O lol

And, speaking of egocentrism... 8-O lol

Then, I thought ago...

Oops... already a handful handling one me, would be some tough job to handle even one other me... OMG... 8-O lol

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