Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Risperdal in the news

Risperdal was the med I was prescribed when I went to the cuckoo cuckoo's nest lasts February (2008).

Although this med is newer than Seroquel (if I have recalled correctly), after consulting with my psychiatrist then, we decided to switch back to Seroquel because of the side effects I have to cope with... namely, drooling (regardless in public or in private), the shaking of my legs (which reminded me of what I grew up observing in my uncles who were diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia), sleep interruption (because it is less sedative than Seroquel) as well as bowl (and possibly gas) problems... in addition to the inability to use my head

In addition, apparently, I had some difficult time during the switching period due to the plausible Risperdal withdrawals... and some pretty bad withdrawals (click here for all Risperdal related posts)...

Then, I came across this piece of news and realised that... what I had was only some Micky mouse grade of inconveniences...

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