Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apple in Taiwanese?

I might have mentioned this before....

Not too long ago... when I was in the fifth or sixth grade... 8-O lol... 

One day, I was hanging with my classmates and somehow we started talking about apples... and this friend of mine used this word, "pon-go."

I looked at him all bewildered.. "What is pon-go"?

So he replied, "It is apple in Taiwanese."

I laughed at him and said... "No.  Apple in Taiwanese is ringo.  What are you talking about?  I grew up so far saying ringo and never heard of pongo."

"No. Ringo is Japanese.  Pongo is Taiwanese.  If you don't believe it, go home and ask your parents."  He responded.

So I went home.... still laughing my head off about my friend's absolute lack of common sense.... 

I mentioned the whole thing...

Either my mom or my dad then told me...

"He was right.  Ringo is Japanese.  Just we never use the word pongo."  8-O 8-X lol

The moral of the lesson: 罵人者人恆罵之.... lol

りんご | 蘋果 | Apple

Apple in Taiwanese

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