Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why blog?

One thing I could never understand about my blogging is...

Why blog?

Who reads anyways?! 8-O lol

To be honest, no intention really to go back to read them 1500 something posting... short or long... regardless... what is the point?

Should be... Live was lived and lessons learned. C'est ça.

Came to a realization today... as I was cleaning up them postings...

Oh... most of the things have either been forgotten whatever the reason is...

This process also reminds me of what I had to do when taking that psychotherapy or counselling 101 class... Each student has to practice being the counselor of their class partner...

For each every session, you have to transcribe each every word and sound that came out of each party.

As a result, since there is not way I could stop that partner from complaining about her rich boyfriend and so on in front of the single me.... still hangover by da eternal love.... when playing the counselor role, we all learn to only nod when no need to say, "ya" or "oh." (OMG... Did empathy fall out of the window and fly over the rooftop... 8-O lol)

Today... as I am cleaning up my past...

Woody Allen was wrong... among the human sins, the most dangerous and most tempting ain't no temptation... OMG... should be: verbal diarrhea.

Dangerous because... no good for my back and wrist either... 8-O lol

This is what you call... 自作自受.... I surely did it to myself... 8-O lol

And... at least now I know the answer... Who reads anyways?

"Yours truly surely do and still am..."  So I say to myself. lol

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