Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grey hair

I am not the kind of the people who looks at myself in the mirror often.

When in New York, at home, the only mirror I had was in the washroom, every morning I woke up, this grey hair started growing in the front stood up to salute me.

A wake-up call... I guess... 8-O lol

Because it is gray hair, its texture seems to be much different than ordinary hair.

Because it is young, it is all stubborn and I had such tough time trying to or attempting to press it down.

During the day, at work, when I went to the washroom, my mirror is in the toilet.  Sometimes, when washing my hands, I would also come face-to-face with da grey hair... standing tall and strong as if it were proving to the entire world its existence.

One day, at work, I was still all shocked after confronted by this young-gun in the washroom and I told my boss, one of the nicest person you can find on this planet with beautiful grey hair...

"I am so upset."

"What happened?" So he might have asked.

"I am growing this grey hair right in the middle and it is so scary and annoying." I complained.

"I have no sympathy for that."  An excellent response from my boss.  8-O lol

Many more days later, I went down to Chinatown to get a haircut.

The lady doing my hair said to me...

"How would you have so many grey hair at such a young age?"

8-O :'-O

Grey hair... the newest wound in my dictionary and that was rubbing salt on the wound... :'O

Yet, I asked with a smile... "How old do you think I am?"

"Like late 20s (early 30s)?"  (Good answer regardless whether she was telling the truth or not.)

"I am already in my really late 30s."

On a second though, I asked... "The amount of grey hair I have... is it normal for people around my age?"

She seemed to have hesitated... regardless the nature of her hesitation... and... answered... "Ya... "

As if... should be more approaching the normal... I guess.... 8-O lol

So, I decided to take a picture of this grey hair to show you what it looks like... except for.. now I wanted to show it off... I was having a bad time picking it out and get a picture taken....

Doesn't this grey hair looks as if it were 100 times thicker?
Though... speaking of grey hair...

Cute guy 1

Cute guy 1...
Ain't so bad on the others... but why so weird on me myself? 8-O lol

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