Monday, September 6, 2010

平安圓滿 in 事故頻出地帶 (Safe and satisfactory in strange event frequent area)

Met up with this old friend of mine.... must have been friends for over 20 years now...

Haven't seen her for at least 4-5 years and she is now somewhat of a big-time lawyer...

Since it ain't like I am gonna be big time in no nothing soon, I love hearing about how successful my friends are... and... try my best to convince them to work hard on getting a summer house in Hawaii.... 8-O lol

So we spoke about what we have been up to and, due to the lack of changes in my status in recent years, I guess... I talked about my trip... sick, disabled, and all the ordinary blah blah blah...

Later, I was talking to her on skype and also spoke with the husband... also my classmate in my undergrad year...

So he said... something like... "You sound pretty OK over skype.  Just don't know how you are in reality..."


Afterwards, I had this moment of self-reflection....

Oops... was I a drama queen and over-dramatize the nothing-happen-ness in my life?

What I want to say is that... my life so far... so good...

For instance, despite of the minor aches here and  pains there during the trip.... The trip seems to be really fruitful and "平安圓滿"... (other than my mama made me wear a mask at home yesterday when my nephews came to visit because of the bronchitis I brought back from the trip... 8-O lol)

If you don't believe, take a look at the picture below... the first picture shows you the fresh wound I got from 朱家角 on Aug. 22nd, and, it seems to be healing really well now... Comparing to the fall I took at Yale campus years back with this two friends of mine on the first day of our road trip, at least this would doesn't require stitches... some improvement, I guess.... 8-O lol

At the same time, I thought of this concept I came across from this Korean Drama 原來是美男(미남이시네요)... something like... 事故頻出地帶... sort of like.. strange event frequent area...  Sometimes... I do wonder... maybe I am too dangerous for myself... 8-O lol

The first thing I did in 朱家角.  I took a
good fall and got this wound.  8-O lol
Today, this wound seems to be healing
well.  Except for.. don't ask me where
I got the scratches on the side.  Got no
idea that they even exist until when
I was about to take this picture.  8-O lol

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