Thursday, September 9, 2010

Has there ever been blogger in China?

The day I went to Seoul.... was the first time the blocking of facebook and blogger came to my attention....

The cheap flight I got required me to transfer in Shanghai... although I was able to find free internet connect, I also discover that neither could I go on blogger, nor could I go cook up some dishes in Cafe World or beating up some Mafias in MW on facebook

This sort of remind me of this comment someone made in a discussion topic on facebook Facebook blocked in China:

This message was received not because
one has problem with Internet connection.
But because the website was blocked...
Curt Mabry First they came for the American news websites, and I did not speak up because I read the Guardian. Then they came for the blog sites, and I did not speak up because I had no blog. Then they came for YouTube, and I did not speak up because I watched cheap DVDs. Then they came for Facebook, and by that time there was nobody left to speak up...

Yesterday, my sister who used to live in Shanghai told me, "When I was in Shanghai, we used to have access to facebook."

She and my nephews moved back to Taiwan about a year or two ago.

This might be the reason why this question came to my mind today... Has there ever been twitter, youtube or blogger in China?

After I read through articles like the following...  China Blocks Access To Twitter, Facebook After Riots... apparently, at some point, most of the google services were blocked.

Wikipedia even provides you with a list of websites blocked in China....

One thing I can tell you is that... gmail was unblocked and I was able to access my gmail account... and it was through my gmail account that I tested out the blogger function of "email to blog"....

In addition, I dared not post anything like this at all while in China.... and got absolutely scared every time the laptop I was using loses Internet connection... especially when I was doing this email to blog thing....  8-O lol

そうですね(sou desu ne)... or...  原來是這樣.... 8-O

On a second thought... had the Chinese government not blocked all these websites I use primarily online, there wouldn't be this posting on the blocked blogspot.... 8-O lol

Then, I came across this article about how these western bloggers living in China Blogger describes Xinjiang as an 'internet prison'....

Wow... How brave!

Comparing to yours truly making postings to a blog people hardly visit... it is as if... every time I make a posting... since under your roof, yours paranoid delusional would raise my hand to the air and pledge.... "我愛毛主席... 我愛毛主席... 我愛毛主席..." 8-O lol

And, thank God... in no part of my blogs had I revealed my true identify... I think... @#$%$#@

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