Saturday, September 18, 2010

Typhoon Fanapi coming to Taiwan

Satellite picture of Fanapi.
Typhoon Fanapi is approaching Taiwan, knowing that we went to do some grocery shopping in RT-Mart, something sort of like Costco in the US, I guess, because, once the typhoon hit... the price of everything on this planet will also go up.. because.... them poor farmers... them poor crops... and... as a result, not wanting to complain.... we poor consumers... 8-O

The predicted path of Fanapi.
The scariest thing about this typhoon that is  is that... the way it goes, when it hits Taiwan, it will cover the entire island and might go right through the center of the island.. this is why they are now describing or calling it "穿心颱"...  or typhoon right-through-the-heart...

The central mountain range, though, usually would help breaking down its structure and decreasing its strength.
The cloudy sky in Taipei.
The pointed building is Taipei 101.

One thing most peculiar about about typhoon rain is that... it starts and it stops.  At points, the sky would clear up and the sun would come out.  This is much to do with its structure as seen in the satellite picture.
And, to be honest, what I hate the most of people like these.... people who know that the typhoon is coming but still go engaging in dangerous activities such as surfing, mountain climbing and sea fishing...

If nothing happens, it is wonderful.  If something happens, how would your family feel and don't you know that all the rescue etc comes out from the tax-payers' pocket?

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