Monday, September 13, 2010

あちまショト (阿達媽秀逗 or the head is short-circuited)

Thought I might share with you this

I grew up using this expression.... あちまショト (pronounced in Taiwanese Japanese: a-da-ma-sho-do).

あちま (a-da-ma) means head.
ショト(sho-do) means short or short-circuited

Combing あちま and ショト together, we get あちまショト(a-da-ma-sho-do or 阿達媽秀逗), what this means is that... the person's head is short-circuited.... and it is not something very nice to say... sort of like name-calling...

Example: Ratprincess is 阿達媽秀逗 (あちまショト). 8-O

Don't even know whether this is a real expression in Japan... but, at least, it is a Japanese phrase used in Taiwan.

At the same time, please refrain from telling people that they are... 阿達媽秀逗...

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