Monday, September 8, 2008

That husband of mine II

When this friend of mine saw me this morning, he asked, "What do you do in the park?"

I replied, "There are so many cute guys in the park and some don't really wear too much..." 8-O lol

My friend's response was something like... but most of them guys don't like girls.... (man... what a loss!)

This remind me of the criteria I set for my husband... Other than one who could understand and accept me who has a bit more in some capacity... no offense... I need a boy that likes girls...

Yet, I guess, in the scenario of green card marriage... gay guys would be beautiful picks..... 8-O lol

At the same time, remember that episode in Seinfeld when Seinfeld went out with a girlfriend who was the mirror image of him? Perhaps all that has been manifested in the writing was simply my narcissism... (like there is anything new... don't all them hallucinations and delusions center around me? 8-O lol)

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